Captiva Island sunset clouds

Would you be disappointed with this sunset?

Captiva shells

Or this sunset on Captiva by Tween Waters? Right after this shot last night, I got in my car and drove to the Sanibel side of Blind Pass to catch the rest of the show.

Sanibel seashells with clouds

Oh my. More shells and just in time. You can’t see the sun in this picture because it’s behind the clouds….. for just a second but it’s still beautiful, isn’t it?

Colorful Sanibel seashells

Then the sun peeked out just slightly to highlight the water and make the shells on the beach glow with their natural colors. Ah! I was about to bubble over with tears just watching the changes of the sky and the beauty….. when a guy walked by me and said “Too bad there was no good sunset tonight”.    Huh? What? It’s like he woke me up from a dream and I couldn’t understand what he just said. I guess he saw I was a little challenged with this so he said it again more slowly this time… “The sun went behind the clouds. So sunset was no good”.

Sunset Sanibel seashells

Wait! “Look again”, I said pointing at the horizon. I tried to explain that clouds often make the sky more interesting. It changes the colors of everything around you from the reflections. It’s more dramatic! I felt like I was pleading for him to take another look. Ha! Oh, alright. Not everybody gets it. But I know you GET IT! And Mark and Robert from the east coast of Florida were getting it….

Sanibel shell pile

And Fred the Basset Hound even got it. See him smiling?

Basset hound beach

Sanibel sunset behind clouds