pink tutu beach baby

I am so glad I didn’t wear my pink tutu to the beach shelling yesterday because I know I wouldn’t have looked this stinkin cute. Clare (CT) was workin her adorability showing us all how to look good picking up shells. Such a little cutie petutie! I’ll have to think twice before I break out my tutu again after seeing how well it can be worn…… and the fashion police might lock me up for good. ;)

So after seeing Clare, I had pink on the brain and fell in love with this pretty little pink SCALLOP shell.

Pink scallop shell

And guess who else I saw…. Penny from Jupiter (in the pretty pink shorts) with her friend Faye.

Penny Faye shell Sanibel

Penny found this “pinkish” PURPLISH TAGELUS half….

Purplish Tagelus seashell

I ran down to Blind Pass Captiva side today to see what kind of shells were there and to see if there were any changes since last week. Of course there were changes!

Beach Weeds BP

I’m not sure when all that seaweed floated it but it was nice to see that ledge wasn’t still there that I showed 2 weeks ago (to see click here).

Shelling sisters

I found sisters Cheryl (NJ) and Cindy (IL) sittin’ and siftin’ for shells in that pile that has come and gone a few times high on the beach. They were finding good shells! This was Cindy’s bucket filling up with OLIVES, CONCHS, pink SCALLOPS and yes, that’s a FLORIDA CONE right on top.

Shell Bucket

This was Cheryl’s shell bag with a perfect little pink FLAT SCALLOP, a NUTMEG, plenty of CALICO CLAMS, KITTEN’S PAWS and more pink CALICO SCALLOPS….

Shell bag

Okay yes, I had a short little affair with pink but you know what is my true love and gives me huge warm and fuzzies when I see it? Aqua! Especially when it’s an i Love Shelling tee shirt on some cutie Shelling Sistahs surrounded by aqua and seashells! Oh, can it get much better?

Aqua shell girls

Jeri, Lori and Candy (Spokane, WA)