Sanibel Island seashell sunset

This was what it looked like a few evenings ago at Blind Pass on the Sanibel side when the tide was nice and low. There were quite a few people out on the sand bars finding nice shells and enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Derek whelk shell

The biggest find we saw from the afternoon (early evening) was by Derek (MI).

derek whelk shell close

It was a beautiful LIGHTNING WHELK! Nice find Derek! He said he saw something bright white just sitting there in the shallow water and just reached down to pull this up.

derek family beach

Mario, Lori, Paul, Heather and Derek

Derek’s family was there to oooh and ahhhh over his loot.

Sand dollar gulf

Kristen found a perfect keeper SAND DOLLAR and her husband Josh was finding lots of FIGHTING CONCHS, COCKLES and OLIVES.

live Starfish

She also found a live STARFISH that she returned safely to the shallows.

olive hand

Josh's olive

They found so much they had to stash all of their goodies in an empty cooler.

Kristen's Josh shells

Kristen and Josh's shells

Native Sanibelian Scott (now living in Costa Rica) found a piece of JUNONIA….

Sanibel Scott junonia shell

Scott (Costa Rica)

At low tide, you can now walk out pretty far again on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass to find FIGHTING CONCHS, WHELKS, OLIVES and COCKLES. But of course that is this week…who knows what next week will bring.

live olive in sand

live olive in sand


fightiing conch in shallow


mother child beach


whelk in shallow


Sanibel sunset shells


shell collecting sunset


blue sunset sanibel


Sanibel sunset shells


Sanibel red sunset