Dramatic Sanibel pier

Breathtaking. This is what I love about low tide shelling on the evenings of spring and summer. The reflections from the backdrop of dramatic skies on the shallow water from the receding tide is magnificent.

Sanibel shelling sunset paints

This is where colors can change in an instant with a splash of yellow or pink.


Yellow Sanibel clouds shell

It gets even better to mix in a few seashells and….

Jean Anna Linda shell lighthouse

My favorite addition to any beautiful sky background would be …… Shelling Sistahs!!! Jean, Anna and Linda drove down from Ohio to spend time relaxing on Sanibel and to hunt for WENTLETRAPS. Okay, maybe not just wentles…. any and every beach treasure they can find!


We all found plenty of minis in the surf just about the same way as I showed in my video yesterday (Seashells In The Surf).

Shell sky Darcy Mary

Darcy and Mary (MN) were finding a few nice FIGHTING CONCHS and a nice size APPLE MUREX.

Apple murex hand

I saw a very cool live LETTERED OLIVE making a curly q track in the wet sand…

live olive tracks

I got a little closer look at the OLIVE to see its siphon pop out. When an OLIVE buries itself, it uses the siphon as sort of a snorkel. I’m so good with technical terms aren’t I? Ha! NOT!

Olive shell siphon

Wow, take a look at this…..

Live Olive dramatic sky

We always love to see live, healthy shells and hope they breed, breed, breed more beauties. But we also like to see empty ones…..

clark shells

I found a TURRID shell on Sunday night that I posted in the first picture yesterday but I didn’t name it because I tried to take a close up photo but it just didn’t show properly. Low and behold, I found another one last night (the one on the left) so I can show you what a TURRID shell looks like.

Tampa Turrid

Super Sheller Clark and I started making our way back to the parking lot…..

Clark in orange

to find (you’re gonna love this!)  Linda, Anna and Jean’s car driven all the way from Ohio…..

iLvshln license plate


Sanibel lightouse sky


Sanibel beach sky