Miniature seashell collection

I got a phone call yesterday from a friend asking “Where did all the shells go?”. The winds and seas have been calm the last few days so I haven’t seen many larger shells rolling up on the beach either. So, you know what that means….. Mini shelling at the Sanibel lighthouse beach!

Seashell miniatures

I found all of these mini shells in one … well, I don’t know… maybe it was a 6 foot area. You’ll get to see it, I made a little video that I’ll show you at the end of this post. It’s kinda Part 2 of Wentletrap Trapping from September to show you a different area that you can find them.

Emma (Canada)

I was in good company on the beach since Emma from Canada was right along side me collecting as many minis as she could for a seashell lamp shade project she’s been working on.

Emma Susi on Sanibel beach

This is Emma too with her aunt Susi filling up her hat with WENTLETRAPS and little tiny WHELKS.

one scoop seashells

Clark was down the beach scooping in the surf. This handful of shells was from one scoop of his shelling backhoe. Not bad!

Small shell piles

I can always find where Clark is on the beach….He leaves a little trail of shell piles behind him.

Nick Chris MI

I met Nick and his mom Chris picking through Clark’s leftover shell piles. This is so funny… she told me ” Picking up Clark’s trash shells is a sheller’s equivalent to successful dumpster diving” . LOL

Tom Bonnie NY

Tom and Bonnie (NY) were finding WENTLETRAPS but didn’t even know the name for them. Lucky, huh?

mini Sanibel Six

I took a photo of this mini version of the Sanibel Six late this afternoon. As I was writing this post I read a comment from June on The Sanibel Six Seashells and she suggested having the Mini Six with a WENTLETRAP, CANDY CORN, COQUINA and maybe a TUSK, DWARF OLIVE and a DRILL. Too cute, right?

Anyway, here’s the video and yes, I miss some shells in there. I go right by them!