shelling for clams on the beach

Earlier this week the DOSINIAS were everywhere at the lighthouse. Doesn’t it look like Mr Greenjeans just dropped all of his ping pong balls all over the beach?  I know, I’m showing my age.

Shells inside a dosinia

There has been a variety of shells washing up at the lighthouse beach this week. The MUREXES, SHARK’S EYE, TURBAN  and FIGHTING CONCH that are resting inside a double DOSINIA CLAM were some of the treasures in Dennis and Terri’s (WA) shell bag.

Terri Dennis with shells

A shelling sister!….With her tee shirt to prove it!

Dosinia seashell

This is a view of the outside of a DOSINIA. You’ve probably seen one of these before if you’ve come for a visit to Sanibel or Captiva.

apple murex disk dosinia

I placed their shells in the DOSINIA in the first photo because I saw this live APPLE MUREX looking so cute hanging upside down in this one.

Wentletrap Terri

That’s a huge WENTLETRAP in Terri’s hand! The smaller one is the size we are used to finding.

wentletrap clark

Ha! Clark hates to be out-shelled (remember the day I found my first SCOTCH BONNET?  Clark found one the same day.) So of course he found a monster WENTLETRAP too.

Brittle starfish

This was a live BRITTLE STAR that got caught in the receding tide so we picked him up (they won’t hurt you) and placed in back into the gulf.

Here are a few pictures I took this week. I just didn’t get a chance to post them yet so the beach may have changed (as it does every day).

Lighthouse shellers

Judy and Robin

ladies collecting shells

More Sanibel Stooping.

kids with wild dolphin

Don’t worry, it’s a DOLPHIN not a SHARK.

pink sea anemone


Captiva sandbar

Blind Pass update: I took the photo above and the one below Sunday at Blind Pass on the Sanibel side. The sand is filling in between the shore and the sand bar so I wonder if there is any water that separates it now. I didn’t see anybody collecting too much there but I’ll check it out tomorrow too.

Captiva low tide