shell at sunset

This is classic “Sanibel Stoop”.

boys finding beach treasure

Don’t you just love to see curious kids?

girl with shell net sunset

Finding the wonders of the sea.

family on beach at sunset


girls on the beach at sunset

Jill and Courtney (MN) thought Madison was crazy for picking up this …er… “thing”.

sea life bone

Do you know what it is? A bone? A shell? A tooth? Whatever it is, I think it’s an interesting find, Madison.

live true tulip sunset

Jill found this live TRUE TULIP….

shells to the sea

Then walked it out to the deeper water.

Jane and Madeline shell stoop

Jane and Madeline still stooping…..

lightning whelk sunset

to find this LIGHTNING WHELK.

Sanibel stoop at sunset