Tulip Shell and a beer can

Huge tulip and a beer can. photo by Nick Hahn

I think this is the biggest TRUE TULIP I’ve ever seen! We all know how big that beer can is so it’s easy to realize how stinkin’ humongo the shell is. Nick H found this TULIP shell in October off Cayo Costa. YOWZA!

I am trying to remember to take pictures to show the size of shell. We can judge the size of this TRUE TULIP by looking at the shell in relation to the beer can. I got tickled at this picture and the one below showing how some folks creatively show the size of their shells.

Penny of Mini shells

Minis on a penny. photo by Rachel Fields

How cute is the penny with minis?!!! It is so easy to see just how small these itty bitty shells are since they all fit on top of this shiny penny. Fun photo, Rachel!

Arrowhead on Bonita Beach

Arrowhead by Carla Barone

Carla always seems to find such interesting beach treasure on Bonita Beach but I think this one takes the cake. I still can’t believe how big this Indian ARROWHEAD is she found last week. You can get perspective of how big it is by the size of her hand. Imagine how old this ARROWHEAD is and who made it. Maybe a Calusa Indian?

worn scotch bonnet

Debbie's scotch bonnet

I just had to show you this SCOTCH BONNET that Debbie found last night. She found it at the same exact spot that Clark found his on Tuesday night….. Sanibel side of Blind Pass. Yes, it’s a little worn and chipped but it is still a great find since it is still one piece. Imperfection is beautiful too, right?

Scotch Bonnet Sanibel

Debbie with a scotch bonnet

We’ve had strong north west winds today and I hear the shelling has already started to get good. I hope to be out on the beaches early in the morning to give you reports on what treasures Mother Nature has washed up on our shores. Hmmm … I hope to be able to come up with something clever to put beside the big shells we find tomorrow to give you perspective on how big they all are. I’ll get my gallon milk jug ready (yeah, right).