Scotch Bonnet Clark

Clark's Scotch Bonnet

Clark found another SCOTCH BONNET!!!! This is crazy! We both found one in December for the first time and now he found another one within a couple of months.

Scotch bonnet aperture Clark

Clark's Scotch bonnet aperture

Wow…. pretty, huh? He said finding it was pure luck. We went to Sanibel side of Blind Pass yesterday and Clark took his shelling backhoe scoop out to the exposed sand bar at low tide. He just kept scooping blindly on the gulf side of the bar and one scoop pulled up this perfectly beautiful SCOTCH BONNET.

Sanibel Turner Beach sand bar

Sanibel Turner Beach sand bar

sanibel Sand bar

Sanibel sand bar Sunset

There weren’t many shells on the Captiva side but, as always, the sunset was spectacular.

Sunset Bind Pass jetty

Sunset Bind Pass jetty

There were so many things to show you from the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show over last weekend I didn’t have a chance to even talk about the shelling. Let me catch you up on a few people I met and what they found….

i Love Shelling totes, tees, shell scoop

Mary Jo and daughter Michelle

Awww! Look at Mary Jo and Michelle with their dressed up i Love Shelling totes packed with tees, cards and a shelling scoop to celebrate Michelle’s wedding engagement. Michelle is getting married in April so this was just the start of her shelling bachelorette party.

Bride to be Michelle's shells

Michelle's shells

Bride to be Michelle collected over 1000 ARK SHELLS at the lighthouse beach on Sanibel as decorations for her beach themed wedding. Smart girl!

Shellers with bag of seashells

Frannie and Eddie (MA)

Frannie and Eddie walked over the Blind Pass bridge to the Sanibel side to discover all kinds of shells but I couldn’t get over how pretty the bright purple CALICO SCALLOPS were.

seashells in bag

seashells in bag

Carol and Connie from Kalamazoo also found some pretty CALICO SCALLOPS  at Bind Pass on the Captiva side and were lucky enough to find a dried up STARFISH ( or “sea star”… I grew up calling them starfish so they will always be starfish to me) up on the beach.

seashell collectors Captiva

Carol and Connie (MI)

Starfish bucket

Connie's bucket with starfish

Just a few more pictures from sunset last night…..

collecting seashells at sunset

Sunset over Captiva jetty

Orange sky Sunset Captiva