Junonia shell collection

Junonia shell collection

The 74th Sanibel Shell Fair and Show was over the top this year!  But, come on…. did they really have to put me over the edge by displaying this many JUNONIAS all together in one place like this? I just want one!! I got over my shell jealousy pretty quickly since there were too many other seashells to drool over too.

There were rooms of seashells….

Scientific room shell fair

Scientific display room

Tents of seashells….

Mom and shellcrafter Goz

Mom and shellcrafter Goz

Shacks of seashells…..

Live shell display

Live shell display

Sheds of Seashells….

Shell Shed

Outside Shell Shed

Boxes of seashells….

Boxes of seashells

Boxes of seashells for sale

Categories of seashells….

Categories of seashells

Gobs and gobs of organized shells

Flowers of seashells….

Flowers of Seashells

Flower arrangements for sale by the shellcrafters

Frames of seashells….

Lisa Givens shell frame

Shell frame by Lisa Givens

Tables of seashells…..

Tables of seashells

Artistic division table

Rows of seashells…

Fiji Shells

Fiji Shell display

Cases of seashells….

Shell Collection by Ethel Sinow

Shells Collected Dec 2010-Feb 2011 by Ethel Sinow

Posters of seashells…

Posters of Seashells

Blue Ribbon winner Barbara Hansen’s display

Magnifiers of seashells….

Mini Fossil shell display

Blue Ribbon Mini Fossil shell display by Ron Bopp

Shoes of seashells…

Shelling shoes

Blue Ribbon for K-6 Student Weston Clark

Crafters of seashells…

David Rhyne shell crafter

David Rhyne shell crafter

Collectors (and cutie collectors, at that!) of seashells….

Diane Zimmer shell collector

Shell Collector Diane Zimmer

….and this is only a smidge of what I want to show you. I’ve got video too! As you can already see, it’s a little overwhelming for a shell lover to just run through it in a short time. I didn’t even get a chance to show you details of some of the scientific shell displays. So many shell displays, so little time.

A shell show would not be complete if I didn’t add….

Lovers of seashells…..

Shell fair Holaway, Pam Rambo, Moran