Best in Show Shell fair pro

Best in Show Professional

The Sanibel Shell Fair and Show is so overwhelmingly good this year that to give the winning art pieces their due justice, I had to break it down into more categories. That’s why I wanted to save the “Best In Show” winners for a post all their own.

This SAILOR’S VALENTINE by David Rhyne won a blue ribbon first place prize for “Best In Show Professional” in the Professional Artistic Division. Congratulations!

Best in show pro detail

Best In Show Professional close up

He explained this piece on a display card …

The entire center of the Valentine is made from the CAPIZ shell. The picture in the center is hand carved and painted by the artist. The mosaic treatmetn on the jewelry, gown, and pattern work is hand carved from the following shells… ABALONE, OPERCULUM, SCALLOPS, MOLLUSKS and LIMPETS. Assorted shells and sea-life complete the piece.

Best in show pro detail copy

Best in Show Pro detail

All of the SAILOR’S VALENTINES that I have posted so far have been made by professional shellcrafters that sell their work as well as enter shows.

This next SAILOR’S VALENTINE won a blue ribbon for “Best In Show Hobbyist” in the Hobbyist Artistic Division. Yes, James Cowperthwait is a hobbyist. Congratulations, James for Best in Show!

Best in Show Hobbyist Shell Fair

Best in Show Hobbyist

Best in Show Hobbyist Shell Fair

Best in Show Hobbyist detail

I have so much more to show you but I can’t get it all in at once.  I sure hope you don’t mind if I dedicate the next few days to the shell fair. I haven’t heard of anything spectacular happening on the beaches the last few days since we’ve had east winds. I think the winds will be shifting to the west soon so maybe by the time the fair is over, it’ll be good shelling again. I’m having a great time with my mom visiting from Virginia!!!

Mom buying a few shell crafts

Mom buying a few shell crafts. She's so cute!