Nassa (White Nassa)

Nassa (Bruised Nassa)

I’ve been so obsessed with the Sanibel’s Middle Gulf Rd beaches and Captiva lately, that I’ve neglected my old time fave beach… the Lighthouse. Thats’s where I found this mini half inch beauty the BRUISED NASSA. I updated this a few hours after I wrote this original post in which I misidentified this shell as a WHITE NASSA. Thank you to Bird and MurexKen for your keen eyes!

White Nassa aperture

Bruised Nassa aperture

I also found shelling sistah and blogger Kaybe from The Essential Beachcomber (click on that link to see her “You might be a shell addict if you…”) finding WENTLETRAPS and BABY’S EARS.

Beachcomber Kaybe

Beachcomber Kaybe (Englewood, FL)

Kaybe’s minis….

Kaybe's mini shells

And I found more beach art. Another mermaid! This is for you Anna N…

Mermaid beach art

I did take a couple of photos of Captiva’s Blind Pass on Monday and the beach and sand bar, of course, have changed. Not many shells on the left side of the jetty but the right side of the jetty had a little pile building.

Blind Pass sandbar Jan 3

Sand bar beach left side of jetty

This next picture shows a little pile of shells that was building up and look who was there working the pile …. Teresa from my January 2 post. She had found a couple of FLATS and a CONE. Look at that fog!

Blind Pass beach Captiva Jan3

Right side of jetty on Captiva

The picture of the day that made me smile from ear to ear for probably an hour after I saw it on the iLoveShelling FaceBook page….Thank you Mary Ann!!! You made me speechless.

i Love Shelling tee shirt shells