Pen Shell fish

People amaze me. A very creative person had a huge canvas of beach and oodles of PEN SHELLS to use as their medium to design this way cute shell-fish. Check out the clam shells for teeth!

Pen Shell Fish eating

Look what he’s eating….

Cockle alligator

A COCKLE  shell gator!

pen shells and beach stuff

So many PEN SHELLS were at Gulf Side City Park, they could have made even more sculptures.

Pen Shell mermaid

This seashell mermaid is getting swept back into the sea where she belongs.

Stiff Pen Shells with water

The first day we see PEN SHELLS on a beach, we see it as a good sign of good shelling days ahead. They are usually the first shells that get stirred up and brought to shore so there are usually good shells like CONCHS and WHELKS to follow.

Stiff Pen Shell

This is an example of a STIFF PEN SHELL.

Saw-tooth Pen Shell

This is what the inside of a SAW-TOOTH PEN SHELL looks like. Beautiful iridescent colors!

building sand castles

Here are the Raymond boys building Sand Egypt with pyramids and a sphinx. Hmmm…. will they add PEN SHELLS to adorn it? I saw the PEN SHELLS art after I met the Raymond boys so I have no idea if they were the creators of the shell fish and mermaid. Maybe?