Sand Dollar Starfish Seashell garland

Time to Shellebrate the Holidays! This little Seashell Elf has been busy making SAND DOLLAR  and STARFISH garland strands for the Christmas tree in our golf cart on December 4, 2010 at 3:30. I’m making this a very simple design so I can add red ribbon and some white SCALLOP SHELLS as well to fill in every inch of my tree. Of course, I have to have lots of seashells!

Starfish Sand Dollar strand decor

I’m using sand dollars that we have collected over the years but I bought these starfish “seconds” (I don’t mind that they aren’t perfect…. who is?) from here on Sanibel. I’m not using any glue. I just wrap the twine around a starfish arm and knotted the back then string through one of the holes in the sand dollars and repeat. Easy! This next project was easy too……

Sand Dollar cookie trays

Sand Dollar Cookies!!! I’m not a good baker but my friend Tiia helped me make over one hundred of these adorable sugar cookies Thanksgiving night. Okay, we made life easy and sliced pre-made sugar cookie dough then decorated them with five slivered almonds. That’s it!

Sand Dollar Cookies


Aren’t they so cute? You can have one too since I’ll be giving them out at the Captiva Holiday Village Luminary night (December 2010) after the parade. I’ve packed them in the freezer for safe keeping until then. Come by to say “Hi” and get a sand dollar cookie and a real shell!

Tween Waters Holiday Sunset

I haven’t had time to do a lot of shelling, but we did make it to the beach yesterday to witness this beautiful Captiva Island sunset. If you’ve never seen this spectacular event, you are in luck because I took a video. Yes! I’m in full Shellebration for the holidays!

Captiva Holiday Village