Nutmeg seashell

Nutmeg in Nancy's pocket

I always have a seashell in my pocket.

This is what Nancy from Minnesota told me yesterday after she pulled this NUTMEG out of her pocket and told me it was so much better than a “worry stone”. She has been vacationing on Sanibel and Captiva for 20 years with the same foursome… she and her husband Dayton and their best shelling buddies Nancy and Gary.

Moon snail seashell

Dayton's moon snail from his pocket

Then Dayton pulled out a COLORFUL MOON SNAIL from his pocket.

Lettered Olive seashell

Sandy's Lettered Olive from her pocket

This is Sandy’s LETTERED OLIVE from her pocket. So smooth and shiny!

Orange seashells

Gary's bright, beautiful pocket collection

Look at all that CANDY! I’m not sure Gary carries all of these orange beauties in his pocket all the time but those candy corn horsie conchs and that true tulip are worth showing off !

shellers Minnesota

Gary, Sandy, Nancy, Dayton (Minnesota)

PS- How do you think that I knew they were crazy shellers? LOL They say that they all suffer from “shell sickness”.  Me too!

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