olivella perplexa shell

olivella perplexa?

I’m a little perplexed. Is this an OLIVELLA PERPLEXA shell? First of all, I couldn’t find a common name for it or a good reference for it. Not that I don’t have respect for the “real” names of the shells we find, but I just happen to prefer the common …..ok- the “easy” name. And second, I couldn’t get a good picture of it. Yet another camera died on me…grrrrr. Well, I’ve just got to get used to this Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS6.

olivella perplexa seashell

olivella perplexa( ? )other side

This shell doesn’t have a lot of detail but I wanted you to see the whorls on the top.

Olivella perplexa

Olivella perplexa (?)

Maybe that’s a little better photo. Clark pulled this up in the sifter while looking for wentletraps. I dont think I’ve ever found these shells before but maybe I just never thought they looked like much… I don’t know…. See? I’m perplexed.

seashell collecting

Clark on the hunt

UPDATE: January 22, 2014… Ive just realized that since this post was written (October 18, 2010), I have learned this shell is a WHITE MELAMPUS. Take a look at my post about these shells written June 19, 2012… http://www.iloveshelling.com/blog/2012/06/19/collecting-fossils-seashells-and-memories-on-boca-grande/