Arthur's Alphabet Cone photo by Arthur Lyons

I’ve got to get to Blind Pass to find shells like Arthur did this past weekend. He found this awesome ALPHABET CONE and so much more! Take a look at all of his finds…. it’ll make you start dreaming of shells.

Arthur's True Tulip photo by Arthur Lyons

He found (and released) live shells like this TRUE TULIP by snorkeling around the jetty rocks in about 1 to 2 feet of water and digging around. Look at that deep rich color!

Arthur's Antillean Nerite photo by Arthur Lyons

I talk about BABY’S EAR shells a lot but Arthur found  a “baby’s tooth” shell called ANTILLEAN NERITE. They have 2 little “teeth” on the inside lip that looks like a little baby’s smile.

Arthur's shells at Blind Pass photo by Arthur Lyons

Look at all that seashell loot! And uhhhh , yeah! That’s a JUNONIA in that shell pile too!

Arthur's Junonia photo by Arthur Lyons

You can see how much time he spent in the water looking for this beauty. Look at those pruney finger tips! LOL . Ok, now that I’ve shown you some of his shells he collected over the weekend, I’ll tell you that Arthur says he is NEW to shelling. Hmmm. Beginner’s luck? Whatever it is, he hit a great weekend for shelling at Blind Pass on Captiva. Congrats, Arthur!