Dani (Columbus, Ohio)

It was a perfect evening for a wedding on the beach at Casa Ybel Resortwith cool breezes, no humidity and a clear colorful sky. I saw a beautiful small ceremony taking advantage of this gorgeous weather,  then I got so tickled to see beautiful bridesmaid Dani make a bee line directly to the shell line on the beach right after the ceremony ended while still holding her flowers. She already had a hand full of CALICO SCALLOPS, a BANDED TULIP, and a few COQUINAS by the time I caught up with her. She told me the whole wedding party came to Sanibel from Columbus, Ohio to celebrate her sister’s wedding.

Dani's sister's wedding at Casa Ybel

So beautiful.

Fran and David's shells

I also met Fran and David who have been coming to Sanibel for years to shell but have gotten a little picky about the shells they keep. They were especially happy to find the PEAR WHELK (top right) and the BANDED TULIP (bottom left).

Fran and David (New Mexico)

Susie from MacIntosh Books found a pretty CONCH!

Susie (Sanibel)