Sanibel lighthouse rainbow

Can you see the rainbow? No, not the beach umbrella … the real rainbow. It was so pretty with the golden sea oats but the rainbow didn’t show up as well in the photo. Maybe the next shot you can see it a little better but it’s just a piece of it.

Sanibel lighthouse beach and rainbow

Ahhh. I just love a rainbow (doesn’t everybody?). There were only a few shells on the beach and the water was really rough but the shells are starting to come in. I know this because there were shellers snorkeling out by the sand bar and I met one of them. He showed me CONCHS, COCKLES  and a PEAR WHELK they had found about 15 yards out in the water.

Twins Taylor and Madelynn with their dad (St Louis)

See how rough the gulf was at Algier’s beach earlier today with a few shells.

Front Row Shelling