Trash Tree Art

Today was Ocean Conservancy’s 25th Anniversary of the International Coastal Cleanup. In honor of this world wide affair, Clark and I went out this morning to collect trash on the beach while checking out the shelling. Somebody must have gotten there much earlier to pick up most of the trash at Turner Beach (Sanibel side of Blind Pass) to turn it into a piece of art. It was so whimsical and silly, I have to believe it was intentional that it was done for this project. Hopefully, “they” (we didn’t meet the artist) made sure it got put away before they left.

Trash Tree art

While we were walking the beach, we met Darlene and Eddie enjoying every minute on the beach shelling and celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary.

Shell hunters Darlene and Eddie (Vero Beach, FL)

We are very fortunate that we don’t have that much trash on our beaches to begin with. I think most people that walk the beaches of Southwest Florida pick up any litter while they walk. Most of us have shell bags so it’s never a bother. This next picture wasn’t made on our beach but I thought it was so wild and clever, I had to share it. It was done for the coastal cleanup by Anke at Beached Art. Check out this piece of trash ….. art. She found all of this trash in 20 minutes on her beach. Yikes!

Anke’s Beached Art