Juvenile horse conchs

Candy! I love my candy corn. We found 16 baby horsies at the lighthouse. There’s one little cutie murex in the picture too. See it?


Clark and I found over 200 WENTLETRAPS and he found one BROWN-BAND WENTLETRAP. Once we found one, all of the others just showed up. It’s all about the eye. I took some video to show you how far from the beach we were and what they were near . I’ll try to get that together for you this week.


We found 9 little DUSKY CONES, 2 cutie MARGINELLAS (oops! UPDATE 9-19-10: These are NOT marginellas. They are MELAMPUS shells. Thank you MurexKen. Please see post My Goodness Melampus) and a BABYS EAR.

So many minis!

There are so many different miniature shells in this photo! Can you recognize a few?