3 sand dollars in the surf

This weekend was SAND DOLLAR heaven around West Gulf Drive beach access #7. There is a nice sand bar where they are washing up and peeking out from beneath the sand.

Deb and Merritt (Ohio)

Deb and Merritt had a whole shell bag filled with SAND DOLLARS.

Sand dollar shell bag

Deb and Merritt don’t even mess around with packing fragile shells in their suitcase to take home any more … they ship them!

Judith and Alex (Boca Raton)

Judith and Alex found lots of sand dollars too and since they drove to Sanibel, they won’t have a bit of problem getting them home without breaking.

Sand dollar sand bar straight ahead!

In this picture, you can see what that sand dollar sand bar looks like. Low tide was in the morning around 9:30 this weekend. The perfect weekend ….. sleep in late…..then go shelling for sand dollars!