The Crab and The Sunset

The larger shells are coming back in around West Gulf Drive…finally! We found plenty of FIGHTING CONCHS, a few LIGHTNING WHELKS and BANDED TULIPS….but how about that crazy CRAB! He was running back and forth in the surf and then stopped to check me out.

All of these were found on the beach off West Gulf Drive around beach access #7.

Lightning Whelk in Gulf surf

Kalex (Tennessee)

Kalex has been coming to Sanibel to shell with his family for the past 3 years. He had a shell bag with lots of OLIVES but was on a mission looking for the mini shells.

Kalex's mini shells

Sunset Fishing

I didn’t see it, but Clark and another guy on the beach said they saw the green flash on this sunset. They said I turned away too quickly…darn! I was messing with my camera, I’m sure. Of all the sunsets I’ve seen, I’ve only seen the green flash about 3 times. When it happens…celebrate!