Whelks Under the Rainbow

We headed to the beach after a nice, well needed rain shower on Tuesday evening.  When we started walking down the path to the beach, the sky seemed to get a strange yellowish tint …….then the rainbow. But wait…..a double rainbow!

Beach Path to the Rainbow

Snowy Egret Under the Rainbow

Whelk under the Rainbow

As I took a picture of this live LIGHTNING WHELK (for you Barbara!), a man out of nowhere plops an even bigger live whelk right beside it. It looks like I staged those 2 whelks in the first picture but that’s exactly how he put it down…..perfect! Not 5 seconds later, a sweet little girl came running over to see those 2 whelks. Her grandparents Janice and Ted saw that I was photographing the shells and told her to leave them alone………I felt like I was in slow motion…..snapping away and telling them Kayleigh (from yesterday’s post Cherub Under the Rainbow) was quite alright if it was okay if I photographed her. She is aaaddorrraable! A little seashell cherub has come to inspect the whelks to make sure they are happy and healthy.

Seashell Cherub

This one is MY little seashell cherub under the rainbow…….teehee

Shelling Rambo Under the Rainbow