Sparkling Water On Captiva Island

I enjoyed the water from last week’s post One Picture, A Million Words so much that I couldn’t resist taking this photo yesterday of this fisherman at Blind Pass on Captiva too. It’s like stepping into postcard perfect aqua water. There weren’t as many shells in the water but there is still a big pile with AUGERS, SCALLOPS, MUREXES and CONCHS on the beach. The real show stopper was the color and clarity of the water that made my heart melt.

All of the shells I’ve found lately have been alive. Yay for the mollusks… but no shell collecting for me in the past few visits to the beach. Maybe tonight I’ll have a shell report. For now you can sit back, look at this sparkling water on your desk or table, enjoy this refreshing photo and feel that water lap up on your ankles.