Two Relaxing on Sanibel

Just sit right back and you’ll hear at tale, a tale of a fateful trip…… Oh, wait a minute! This is not  Gilligan’s Island, it’s Sanibel Island! These guys were out on a three hour tour…, no, really….they were out for the weekend from Cape Coral and decided to hang out on Sanibel yesterday but forgot to watch the tide.  I talked to them around 6:30 p.m. yesterday and they said  they had plenty of food and drinks. That was a good thing because these guys were probably stranded at the lighthouse beach until early this morning when the tide came in.

I met a family that wouldn’t have minded being stranded on Sanibel Island……

Tyler, Sonya, Gracie and Gloria (Birmingham, AL)

This is a family of shellers. Gloria started shelling when she was 4 then taught her daughter Sonya to shell at a very young age . She then taught her grandchildren, Tyler and Gracie, the joys of shelling. They were finding precious WENTLETRAPS, CONCHS and lots of other treasures to embellish a mirror they have started. Sonya told me that her house was filled with shells…..Yep, mine too Sonya. Decorating with the gifts of the sea makes a house feel like a home to me.