Cody's Sharp-rib Drill shell

As you can see, you’ve got to be doing the Sanibel Stoop to find these tiny SHARP-RIB DRILL shells. Cory was doing just that…. looking low, digging around (drilling) the piles and focusing. He was finding lots of these little drills and some gorgeous LACE MUREXES with pink tops. Great finds!

Cody Wertz (Troy, Ohio)

It doesn’t look like Cody has a lot of shells in his hand but he was collecting only the small, perfect specimens that he doens’t have a lot of at home. He said he’s been shelling quite a few times so instead of always going for the big shells, he’s got his eye out for the smaller ones now too.

Sanibel Stoop at sunset

Here’s Cody with some of his family ( oops! and Clark’s in there too ;) ) looking for shells in this nice shell pile on the east end of Sanibel at sunset. Paradise.