Richard and Anne France (GA), Laura and Paul (MI)

To see a SEA TURTLE coming ashore and laying her eggs is a rare sight. This is what Richard, Anne France, Laura and Paul got to see last week on June 2 at 11 p.m. on the beach at Junonia of Sanibel condos. Richard had his cell phone with him at the time and snapped this photo hoping not to disturb the mamma turtle. Just a reminder- Do not shine flash lights at any sea turtle, especially while nesting. It’s against the law.

Sea turtle laying eggs photo by Richard Amy

She continued to drop her ping pong size eggs and they all marveled at the magic of this creature. Richard was kind enough to share this picture with us- I hope you can make out that this is the back end of her shell.

Laura's Paper Fig Shell

Laura was also lucky enough to find this PAPER FIG on the lighthouse beach on Sanibel. They are very thin so they get cracked very easily. It’s not as easy to find them in perfect shape like this one. It’s beauty.