Sanibel Ann and Nick

On the beach off West Gulf Drive yesterday, I ran in to two shellers I told you about  in January. Clark met Sanibel Ann at the lighthouse beach looking for WENTLETRAPS on the 30th of January and then I met Nick with a live ALPHABET CONE on January 23rd. They are stilling combing the beaches for shells……this time I saw them together. Why? Because I just found out they are married. Love is shelling.

My true tulip and Sanibel Ann's horse conch

Sanibel Ann found this beautiful bright yellow HORSE CONCH and within 5 minutes I found this TRUE TULIP that I could describe as maybe terra-cotta color. What color would you describe that as? How ever we describe them, we both consider them great finds for the day.

Clear water off West Gulf Dr in Sanibel

I shot this picture just in case you had any questions about our water clarity and color in the gulf. Gorgeous!