Shell crafter Brandy shelling

At the lighthouse beach within the last week,  I’ve met three shell crafters that have entered pieces in the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show. Last week I met Leslie, then I met Jean from Bonita and today I met Brandy Llewellyn. All three of them were looking for the mini shells to use in their own SAILORS VALENTINES. Not only does it take precision crafting skills and patience to make these gorgeous pieces, all three of these artisans collect a lot of their own shells. The time that goes into this is mind boggling! After talking with Brandy (she also makes Nantucket baskets!), I realized that I had given her my Judges Merit Award on her absolutely fabulous Sailor’s Valentine at this year’s 2010 shell fair. I loved her piece that much!

I tip my hat to all three of these gals and all of the shell crafters for the art they produce. It’s an honor to meet them. Like baby’s ears and wentletraps,  I feel like I’m getting an “eye” for finding shell crafters on the beach these days.

Shell crafter Brandy Llewellyn

Close-up of Brandy Llewellyn's Judge's Merit Award winning Sailor's Valentine