Talk about sweet?  This poem is sweet! Tammy is sweet for sending it…. and the unbroken LION’S PAW is pretty sweet too. I couldn’t wait another second to send it to you because you will understand every moment she feels. This is what Tammy M from Michigan sent me…..

“A little poem I whipped up after one of my fun trips shelling to Sanibel with my girl friend, during the time they were digging out Blind Pass. She moved away and we met there for a visit!”

My Sweet Sanibel

The Palm trees sway with the warm summer breeze,
The broken shells are nothing but a tease,
The salt water splashes up on me,
I get to relax in the hammock under the tree,
I get to look for the treasure of the day,
My skin tan from the intense sun’s ray,
I am “humming” to myself and smiling inside,
I’m up at dawn to be there at low tide,
The day ends with being so tired, I might have to crawl,
Because I have a bag full of shells and unbroken Lion’s Paw!

The tubes throwing shells to my feet,
What a delight; this is so neat,
I have a flashlight and my net, bring it on soon,
I’m ready for the storm and the full moon,
Do the shuffle to say hi to the sting ray waiting in the mud,
The sand bar is showing, oops just another dud,
Please give me a shell that isn’t alive so I frown,
I’d like a Bonnet but I’ll settle for a Crown,
What more can I ask for than this thing,
A great girlfriend, warm weather and a perfect Angle Wing.