Dusky cone North Captiva

Clark and I boated to North Captiva on Sunday and we found a few fun things. I love the color and size of this DUSKY CONE and we also found 2 KING’S CROWN, a bunch of FARGO WORM SHELLS (Yay!) and a couple of SAND DOLLARS.

Worm shell, king's crown, sand dollar

After we hung out for hours on North Cap, we couldn’t help stopping by Cayo Costa to see if we could pick up some BABY’S EARS. We have an eye for ears, baby! I found an even bigger on than I found on my “camping” trip 2 weeks ago. This one is about 1 1/2 inches big! That’s a biggie.

Big baby's ear

Speaking of baby’s ears, Clark and I went to the lighthouse beach this evening on the pier side to see what we could find. We found a few WENTLETRAPS and right when we saw a few baby’s ears (in that weed line in the picture below), we met the nicest couple who live in Sanibel as well. Leslie is an artist and shell crafter! She exhibited a few pieces in the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show this year and has been doing so for years. Maybe she’ll use some of those wentletraps and baby’s ears that we found on the beach together in one of her next projects.

Leslie and Joe (Sanibel)