Sanibel full moon low tide

Sanibel full moon low tide

As soon as I got on the beach this afternoon and saw that beautiful low tide that left piles of mini shells, I thought of Sanibel Sister Linda and Sanibel Sister Judith. I met them last year on the beach because I couldn’t resist asking them about their big long tweezers they used for picking up shells. I knew they were visiting Sanibel this week but didn’t know if I would recognize them….until I saw those big ole tweezers plucking at the shells. There they were! The full moon low tide was just perfect for “tweezing” their favorite shells… WENTLETRAPS and all of the minis. They both collect their shells to make shells boxes, mirrors and other gift items to sell in their shop Leonora Moss Floral Gatherings and Keepsakes. Good to see you and I’m so happy you both had  great shelling day.

Sanibel Sisters Linda and Judith

Sanibel Sisters Linda and Judith (that's the moon behind them!)

Dolphin at Sanibel lighthouse

Crazy dolphin again near the shoreline

This picture of the dolphin I took this afternoon is a little preview of the video I’ll post tomorrow. He rushes to the beach in a feeding frenzy!  Ps- The Shelling Sisters said that they heard the shelling was great today at Blind Pass. I’ll be there tomorrow to check it out.