Whew, I survived a camping/shelling trip with the girls on the island of Cayo Costa this past weekend. We were lucky enough to have a nice cool breeze so we didn’t roast in our cabin and to keep away the bugs. Yep, I said “cabin”….. we didn’t have to pitch a tent. We had 6 girls, 5 lanterns, 4 coolers, 3 fires (intentional), 2 boats (the only way to get there) and 1 heck of a good time. We didn’t bring back full buckets of shells but we did find some treasures. Our best finds…Diane and I found BABY’S EARS , Lisa and Rhonda found SAND DOLLARS, Beth found URCHINS, and Chris found OLIVES. There were lots of FIGHTING CONCHS, SUNRAY VENUS CLAMS, and COCKLES to go around too.

We met Bob and Terry from Cape Coral who were finding tons of SHARK’S TEETH. They gave us tips on finding them….look for small black triangles. I found one! Thanks, Bob and Terry!