Sanibel Stoop

Candy corn (baby horse conch)

There was lots of Sanibel stooping going on at West Gulf Drive around Casa Ybel Resort. We have some shell piles back and there some good shell to find in there. I found myself some candy corn. I could just eat up those little bright orange HORSE CONCHS! They are just the cutest. I saw the other day, that Tink from MyMobileAdventures calls them mac and cheese. Pretty yummy too!

More Sanibel stooping

Whelk egg casings

I could not believe how many WHELK EGG CASINGS there were on the beach. Every 5 steps there was another one…then another one….then another one. I’m not sure if that is bad news for WHELKS or just good news for good shelling in the next few days. Let’s hope for good shelling!