Blind Pass shellers

These shellers found a short span of calm water through Blind Pass to check out the bottom by digging around with their toes and nets to look for shells. They told me they were having some pretty good luck and the gal on the right held up a LIGHNING WHELK around 7 inches.  They a great spot all to themselves. Smart…..because the regular spots at Blind Pass aren’t producing the WHELKS, OLIVES  and MUREXES that normally show up there.

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We are continuing to have north east and east winds so the waves on the gulf side aren’t pushing the shells in still. I just checked out the forecast for the next week and it doesn’t look like it will be changing around to west winds any time soon. I like the west winds!  I’m going to check out Middle to West Gulf tomorrow and see if anything is happening there. In the last few days, I’ve still had luck with the minis at the Lighthouse.

Lighthouse kiteboarding

The dolphins weren’t putting on their show this afternoon since they obviously got bumped from the program because of the kite boarders . I would say there were probably 15 kite boarders that are loving this east wind out there and all have bright, beautifully colored kites set against that brilliant blue sky and aqua water. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a good shot of these guys sailing up into the air, doing a few flips, then landing perfectly back on the water and surfing away. Not such a bad distraction while shelling, huh?