Lace murex, turban, button, banded tulip, wentletrap, drill, coquina, and more

How could anybody not think that the smaller shells aren’t fun to collect too? Look at these cuties! You can look them up on the Seashell Identification Guide to find the names of each one. The only ones you won’t find probably are the LEOPARD CRAB shells (top middle) since they aren’t mullosks…they are shells of a crab…but they sure are pretty. You can always find treasures on Sanibel and Captiva if you take your time and look at how beautiful the shells are that you find….even if they are small.

Justin and Adria (Texas)

That’s why I enjoyed meeting Justin and Adria from Texas. It looks like she’s holding an empty bucket but that’s only because all of those smaller shells that she was finding slid down out of the shot.  I asked her if she was finding anything good and she said “All of these shells are fantastic! We don’t have anything like this at home.”  She and Justin were tickled with their tiny treasures and the time they get to spend on Sanibel while visiting family every year.  Some times it’s just the simple pleasures that are the best. Don’t you think?