2 wentletraps, baby's ear, drill, pear whelk, 2 baby conchs

A lot of people have been disappointed this week because the shelling hasn’t been great on the gulf side where the shells normally roll up. The east winds seem like they take the shells back out in the gulf instead of bring them to shore as the west winds do. There wasn’t much to collect at Blind Pass this morning so I drove down to the Lighthouse around 1:30 just to see if anybody was finding anything there on the pier side. Parking was a zoo but I found a spot that wasn’t an official parking space so I didn’t want to stay long.

I got to the steps of the pier, started walking to the right to look in the “weed” (the wash line that looks like a bunch of junk shells and weeds) line on the beach and was happy that I found these minis within around 30 paces. Since I found 2 WENTLETRAPS and a BABY’S EAR in just that short time, I figured that there was much more to find but I didn’t have the time and I didn’t want to get a parking ticket. There are so many visitors on Sanibel for only a short period  of time right now, I figured it would be very piggish of me to take anything……especially since I hit the mother load on Easter (no, I won’t say it again…..heehee). So, I left them behind for someone else to find.

ps- This time of year, I would suggest renting bikes to get around the island since parking can be a bear. You can rent bikes from Billy’s Bikes or Finnimore’s on Sanibel …or if you are on Captiva, from Yolo.