Blind Pass buoy at Sunset

The waterway under the Blind Pass bridge was just re-opened in September after a year of dredging. Last night, just 6 months later, we crossed that “waterway” on a sand bar that has been unfortunately forming to close up that passage again. It was a full moon and a low tide again so we were hoping that those newly formed flats were filled with shells that we haven’t been able to reach before.

Michelle (Minnesota)

Out on the sand bar, we met Michelle who was on spring break from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She found a SAND DOLLAR that was in much better shape than the one I found. We found 2 WHELKS, some OLIVES  and tons of FIGHTING CONCHS too but Michelle’s SAND DOLLAR was still the best find. We were expecting big stuff from that sand bar at low tide (other than washed up crab pot buoys…which were pretty cool too) but it fooled us. The current was way too strong to see all of it and what we saw was just water and sand ripping through. Along the shoreline is still the best bet.

Barb and Paul (also from Minnesota) found a SAND DOLLAR on Captiva too. They are on their honeymoon……3 years after they married. Better late than never!

Sand dollar on the new Blind Pass flats