Jaelyn's shark's eye

Nora's coral

Jaelyn, Janene (both Minnesota) and Nora (Chicago)

Janene's true tulip along with her other treasures

I had to go back to the beach again last night around 6 o’clock to show Clark all of the amazing shells that were washing up on the beach by Casa Ybel Resort. It looked completely different from around noon when I took the pictures for yesterday’s blog. No big shell piles but shells galore spread out like an easter egg hunt.

Janene ,  Jaelyn (her daughter) and  Nora (her niece) found a great spot to just sit and dig around in the watery sand. Can you believe they found all of those goodies in that one spot? Nora even found a BABY’S EAR too. Janene told me that they were were making necklaces, shell boxes and a mirror with all of their found shells on this trip. Janene is a 3rd generation Sanibel sheller which makes Jaelyn a 4th generation Sanibel sheller. Sounds like a happy family to me…and a happy birthday for Janene!

A live horse conch

I think we saw at least 12 live HORSE CONCHS in the shallow water but we did get to take one home that didn’t have an occupant…..nice, huh?

Clark's horse conch

The end of a beautiful Sanibel shelling day