Blind Pass new beach on the left side of the jetty

Blind Pass new beach

A new beach on the left side of the jetty on the Captiva side of Blind Pass is building. The whole pass looks like it is filling up again…..ugh. It was just dredged and re-opened in September but Mother Nature doesn’t seem like she liked that too much. Maybe she’ll throw some good shells around there in a few days to make up for it. Anyway, we can walk on that side again to check out the new wash line and when the wind dies down we’ll be able to check out how far the sand bar goes out.

Clark and I went on a boat parade today for the Captiva Island Yacht Club “1st Annual Fleet Review”. It was chilly and rainy but it was fun to spend time with our friends Mike and Alex who invited us on their boat with a covered cabin that we all crowded in to hide from the wind and rain. After we got back to their warm, safe, dry, comfortable house Alex showed me her shell mirror that she had been working on last month.

Alex's Shell Mirror

The weather hasn’t been great so she found the perfect project…a shell mirror. I gave her a few pointers when she first started so seeing the finished product was very exciting. She did a fantastic job! This is her first one and it looks so professional! I love it!

Close up of Alex's mirror

Michael and Alex

CIYC Fleet Viewing Barge (with Bagpipes!)