“I hope you’ll remind people (often) not to leave their lovely sand art standing when turtle season starts. It is terrible how many prospective mamas are turned away and how many babies are lost because they run into someone’s ‘fun’ obstacle!”   Thank you, Gail, for this reminder.

Sea turtle nesting season is from May until October so get your shell sculpture  creativity in now so that we don’t upset the sea turtle nesting this summer. Like Gail said, sculptures are fun to look at but it will be an obstacle when May rolls around.

Baby Sea Turtle

I was a turtle tracker a few years ago with my friend Lisa and found a baby turtle in a big sand pit on the beach. The baby turtle had been making his way to the water but got a little off track when he fell into this pit. He couldn’t get out since the sides were so steep but he moved his flippers just enough to catch my eye. We called our contact person at SCCF to make sure to follow protocol to rescue this little cutie and I was so happy to get the a-okay to pick him up and release him at the edge of the gulf. Yeah! We rescued him and watched him swim away with all his might.