Evan and Kieran (Buffalo, NY) with the shell "starter kit"

We got a phone call this morning from our friend Barbara telling us that her grandson Kieran has taken a special interest in shelling. “He’s been looking for a WORM SHELL but hasn’t found one yet. Do you have an extra one to give him?” she asked (with a little chuckle since she has been to our house a million times so she knows how many shells we have laying around). Of course we do!! Clark told her that he’d get a little “shell starter kit” together for him so before you know it, Clark and I had a whole big jar for him filled with at least one of every good local shell and included 2 WORM SHELLS. He’s at the same age that Clark started collecting shells -we have a framed picture of Clark’s collection at age 7.

I think by the smile on Kieran’s face in the picture that he liked it, right? We gave it to him on the beach where the Galvin family had set up a “day camp” with chairs, drinks, sand buckets, shovels and lots of toys for the 3 brothers Seamus, Kieran, and Evan. So as you can imagine, while I’m blogging now, Clark is making 2 more “shell starter kits” for Kieran’s brothers Seamus and Evan……I think we could have made shellers out of them too!

The Galvin Family

Wow! This should be their Christmas card, huh?