Susan (Richmond)

There was a calm surf on the east end of Sanibel near the point on the pier side where the WENTLETRAPS were plentiful in the wash line. Clark picked up about 20 using his shelling rake (backhoe)and showed Susan the trick. She had been to Fort Myers beach and found 6 WENTLETRAPS just a couple of days ago so she was very excited to see more. If you go tomorrow and it’s calm, Clark suggests to bring a small net because there are plenty there to scoop up.

Scott, Karin and Madie

On the other end of the island, Sanibel’s Blind Pass had a few shell lines of CLAMS, KITTEN’S PAWS, SCALLOPS and other small stuff. Scott, Karin and Madie found the best shells that were there…..a few OLIVES, MUREXES and FIGHTING CONCHS. Oh, did I mention that Scott and Karin are newlyweds?? Congratulations! Enjoy your time on Capitva.

Blind Pass on the Captiva side has filled in with sand…that was quick! All along the beach passed the Mucky Duck is just sand…well maybe a few shells here and there but I wouldn’t make a trip just for shelling. Maybe to have lunch at the Duck but not just for the shelling.

Sand at Blind Pass