Cindy (Minnesota)

It was Cindy’s last day at Casa Ybel Resort so she was shelling as much of the daylight possible before she has to go back to Minnesota tomorrow. She had found a tiny OLIVE and a few bright orange iridescent JINGLES. She mentioned that she had found many different colors of JINGLES throughout the week including black, grey, white and yellow and lots of other wonderful shells.

Cindy’s sister Mary wanted to show me all of the shells that they had collected over the week and invited me to their condo that they had rented together along with their husbands. On their screened in porch just steps from the beach, they had a whole table filled with all kinds of great shells. Mary pointed out that there was a clear line right down the middle of the table……on the left side of the table were only Mary’s shells. On the right side…..Cindy’s shells. “There will be no commingling of shells” they both said. Haha! Love it!

Mary's shells (left side), Cindy's shells (right side)

It looks like they both did pretty well finding FIGHTING CONCHS, OLIVES, lots of those gorgeous bright JINGLES, KITTEN’S PAWS, COCKLES, SCALLOPS, CLAMS, ANGEL WINGS (wow! They are hard to find intact), WHELKS, TURKEY WINGS, AUGERS, COQUINAS, TULIPS, MAUREXES and a little candy corn HORSE CONCH.

Sisters Cindy and Mary (Minnesota)

These sisters might not be commingling shells but they will be “commingling” memories of this incredible week that they said they’ve had on Sanibel. And thanks for inviting me to visit your showcase of shells!

Horse Conch, Leopard Crab shell with minis