Worm Shells

Mirror of 1000 Worm Shells

I found some of my favorite shells at Casa Ybel Resort on Sanibel this morning……WORM SHELLS! It has been so hard to find these shells the last 2 years with the tips intact that I was happy when I found the first one. Then I found a few more! After Hurricane Charley, Clark and I found enough WORM SHELLS with tips for me to make this mirror of over 1000 of them. I hope that more will be rolling in this week on the beach in front of the pool bar where I found these. It will be a good place to celebrate if I continue to find even more this week.

Pat from New York

I wasn’t the only happy sheller this morning. Pat is staying at Casa Ybel Resort so she didn’t have far to go to find treasures to make her happy. She found URCHINS, SCALLOPS, COCKLES and a cool CLAM shell that had gorgeous CORAL growing on half of it.

I’m sure I’ll see you tomorrow, Pat. Hopefully, we’ll both be celebrating big finds at the pool bar.