Catagory 1 Hurricane Ida is spinning in the gulf waters. My first thought is that I hope she fizzles out before she can do any damage to any coastal cities. Living on the coast is no laughing matter when any named storm is heading toward your home. After the coast looks clear, it’s time to be on the look out for signs for the best shelling locations. The gulf is being stirred up so the deep water beautiful shells will be dislodged and start being pushed toward the natural slope to the shallow waters of Southwest Florida then on to our beaches.

My friend Jane said that the East End isn’t bringing any big stuff in yet. She said BUTTERCUPS, CLAMS and only a few OLIVES were to be seen. The waters were very choppy on the bay side by the causeway but not in the gulf yet. She also said that West Gulf had about the same look as the East End but nothing from the storm yet.

I’m expecting to see a good turnout more on the West End of Sanibel more towards Captiva around Wednesday.

I’ll have my shelling shoes ready to save my feet from walking on all of those sharp, big shells on the beach later in the week……I hope I’ll need them.