I don’t comb Fort Myers Beach often so I’m always amazed at how big the beach is at the south end. The beach is huge! As we walked out onto the sand from the parking lot, I took off my flip flops to find how soft and fine the sand is compared to my usual shelling beaches.

The layout of the festival was so easy to see the working artists, get to the food vendors, enjoy the crafter tents and also take a walk at the shoreline without getting trampled.


This is the perfect beach to host this 5 day long sand sculpting competition between 16 Grand Master sculptors. These are world class sculptors who hold a combined total of 37 gold metals in sand sculpting.

That’s impressive. We got there fairly early in the day and most of the sculptures  were already coming to life with complex details carved in the sand with 5 hours today and 4 hours tomorrow still to sculpt.