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Freedom Of The Beach

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american flag on the beach

Beach combing is a time to feel free, find respect and to share memories.

american girl beach combing

If you can’t enjoy beach combing for Memorial Day this year, I’d like to bring it to you with a stroll on the beach at South Seas Island Resort

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Thankful for shelling in Southwest Florida

We found a buffet of seashells at Blind Pass Captiva this morning for our Thanksgiving feast! I’d like to invite you to join us at our shell feast with some Thanksgiving Day CYBERSHELLING! If you like to stay dry doing the Sit ‘N Sift, here’s a shot of the shells on top of one of the piles. It’s completely random so I’m really not sure of whats in here so I hope you find something you like!

cybershelling thanksgiving 2013 captiva

I snapped this next photo just before the waves came crashing down on the shells that just washed up. I only had a split second to scan it but you can take all the time you want. Ready to get your toes wet? Gobble ‘em up!

cybershelling in waves captiva

We hope you are enjoying your day with friends and family or having a great time relaxing with the TV marathons or doing whatever gives you peace and thankfulness. Want more beach time? I’ve got so many more photos to show you from today’s shell cornucopia (Shellucopia) that will have to wait another day but for now… YouTube Preview Image

Join me on a Shelling Adventure!…

shelling adventures trips by pam

sunrise sanibel hurricane sandy

Our Sanibel and Captiva beaches were pounded by 4 to 6 foot waves for three days because of high northwest winds from Hurricane Sandy so I assumed we would have lots of shells at Blind Pass Sunday morning at low tide. I was wrong… so I kept moving.

Gulf Side City Park showed promise!

Hurricane sandy shells sanibel

It’s always a good sign to see PEN SHELLS! They get washed up first in a good storm so you know that there are better collectable shells on the way. I was lucky to see a SEA WHIP caught in this group of PEN SHELLS. I love these purple ones.

sea whip pen shells sanibel

After walking east only 1/4 mile, we found a nice shell pile!

seashell collecting hurricane sandy sanibel

My first find… a beautiful dark WORMIE!

dark worm shell hurricane sandy

And a candy corn for Halloween. See it trying to hide?

candy corn horse conch

Then I found a TULIP, WHELK and CONCH…

tulip whelk conch shells sanibel

I saw Kim from Michigan find a gorgeous TRUE TULIP rolling in the surf.

kim hurricane sandy sanibel

true tulip kim hurricane sandy

Are you ready to go shelling? Okay, then… Let’s go CYBER SHELLING! Click on the next photo to enlarge this random photo I took of the shell pile. Notice how many beautiful SCALLOPS there are…

cyber shelling october 28 2012

 I think today will be even better but I’ll never know until I get there. As we all know, the beach changes every single day but I think Blind Pass will take another day to load up with shells so I’m headed back to one of Sanibel’s mid island beaches…. like Gulf Side City Park again.

Clark sanibel seashell pile

Hurricane Sandy may be bringing us a few new shells to get excited about but we are very worried about all of you and our families that are up north bracing for Sandy and the “Super Storm” (as they are calling it). Please be safe!

millipede starfish

sanibel eagle ray

It’s not unusual to see COWNOSE RAYS swimming along Sanibel’s shoreline… but this was the first time we witnessed a beautiful SPOTTED EAGLE RAY surfing along the coast near shore today.  I got him on video so you can see too! We saw this guy half way between Blind Pass and Bowman’s Beach while participating in the 2012 Coastal Cleanup organized by SCCF. It was really fun but I’ll show you photos of that later since I can’t wait another minute to show you Spot, The Sanibel SPOTTED EAGLE RAY. See Spot swim!

YouTube Preview Image

Okay, I know… I’ve gotten lots of requests for more cyber shelling so to hold yall over, we saw this on our walk today…. find as many as you can!

bowmans beach cyber shelling



Seashells For Cyber Shellers

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cyber shelling alert

Here you go Cyber Shellers! Now you can virtually shell from the comfort of your own home with the help of this wonderful world wide web. Go ahead, click on the next photo so you can be right there on the beach with me when thousands of shells were piling up at Blind Pass Captiva days after Hurricane Isaac passed by in the Gulf Of Mexico. I did not arrange any of these shells! This is exactly what it looked like as they rushed up with each wave so try to find as many shells that you can!

On your mark… get set…. SHELL!

virtual cyber shelling seashells

If you need help with identifying any shells, click here on my SEASHELL IDENTIFICATION page.

PS- Please accept my apologies for those of you that I met on the beach this week and have not yet shown off your treasures. This week was so very eventful, I had to take a day or 2 to catch up. I promise I will post them soon because y’all are MY treasures! xo


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Welcome Winter Whipping Winds

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Seashells from Captiva Island Florida Blind Pass January

When the winter winds start coming from the north, we (shellers, maybe not sun worshippers) welcome the chilly, high winds because we know that they will be bringing shells soon. That’s exactly what happened last night… wind gusts of 30 mph coming from the NW so I already found some goodies at Blind Pass Captiva this morning. I took a virtually shelling video to share the beach combing walk. I don’t know why I said winds of 12 mph… they were higher than that. AND I can’t believe how many good shells I missed! There was a WORMIE sitting right there and I didn’t even see it! And there was a LIGHTNING WHELK in the crevice of the rock that I didn’t see either! Dang! But I did find another one. I didn’t have my coffee yet so maybe that’s why I was a little spacey. Any hoo…. enjoy the cyber shelling…YouTube Preview Image

PS- I still haven’t gotten a chance to photograph Clark’s monster shells yet so bear with me. It might even get pushed back a few more days too since this shelling weather has moved in- hopefully we will be a bit busy!

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