Smallets shells are the biggest treasures

Is there anything cuter than a mini shell? Hmmmm…. well, yes. A handful of minis shells. Is there anything cuter than a handful of mini shells? As a matter of fact… yes! ¬†Cutie little handfuls of mini shells held by cousins Ellie and Mia.

kids finding Sanibel sea shells

Once they found a few “Unicorn Horns” (AUGERS), they were hooked on finding other types of minis and then…. ¬†WENTLETRAPS! Shelladorable. The best gifts come in the smallest packages.

Fun collecting mini shells on Sanibel Florida

beach combing Sanibel

Here’s just a slice of unedited video of the beach this morning and a few minis I found before I met Ellie, Mia and their moms (sisters) visiting Sanibel from Colorado and Utah. It was so peaceful so I hope you get that peaceful easy feeling in this CYBERSHELLING bit.