Smallets shells are the biggest treasures

Is there anything cuter than a mini shell? Hmmmm…. well, yes. A handful of minis shells. Is there anything cuter than a handful of mini shells? As a matter of fact… yes!  Cutie little handfuls of mini shells held by cousins Ellie and Mia.

kids finding Sanibel sea shells

Once they found a few “Unicorn Horns” (AUGERS), they were hooked on finding other types of minis and then….  WENTLETRAPS! Shelladorable. The best gifts come in the smallest packages.

Fun collecting mini shells on Sanibel Florida

beach combing Sanibel

Here’s just a slice of unedited video of the beach this morning and a few minis I found before I met Ellie, Mia and their moms (sisters) visiting Sanibel from Colorado and Utah. It was so peaceful so I hope you get that peaceful easy feeling in this CYBERSHELLING bit.